Who created the Poster?

A design studio in Christchurch/New Zealand called McCarthy. Stephen who runs the place kept getting asked by buddies where to get good beer as they travelled -  so we made a map with the help of fellow illustrator with the best quiff Brett King


Interactive -  what do you mean?

Well.... it's like the instant Kiwi tickets. Head to a place or Brewery, sample the beer and scratch off the dot with your fingernail or coin to reveal a beer icon underneath. As you sip and scratch you can keep tabs on what you've tried. Don't do it all in one day though -  drink responsibly ok!


I'm a Retailer or Brewery -  can i sell them at my place?

Yep. We offer retail rates so you can sell at your place and spread the word and display it behind the bar! Send us an email to info@scratchit.co.nz and we'll let you know details.


Do you sell it in frames?

No. With a frame and glass it kind of defeats the purpose so we'll leave that to you if you want to organise yourself.


I make beer and you've missed me out!

Sorry. We've done our best to reference all the beers and breweries making craft beer at the time of printing but we realise theres new places every month. Please fire us an email with your address and name and we'll be sure to include on version 2 if this one goes well.